Action at Rijkswaterstaat

Last friday a few activists of AK-Utrecht participated at the action of Ameliseerd niet geasfalteerd, Extinction Rebellion and collectief ondeugend at the head office of Rijkswaterstaat in Utrecht. Orginnal the plan was to go inside but the doors where locked and secretly and cops where outside.

Still we unfolded our banners and speeches where giving. After a while we moved further away from the buildig, so that more people inside de building could see us.

When a group of climbers arrived, AK-Utrecht took iniative to shield of the climbers. Giving them time to climb up. A security guard tried to intervine with one of the climbers but was stopped. Also the police tried to get near the other climber, but was stopped by other people. Because of this, the climbers where able to safely climb up. It is really anyoing and possibly very dangerous when someone starts pulling on your rope. The climbers climbed all to top, to hang a banner.

The new eco-anarchist stickers we got from the wandelclub030, were past around we had many good converstation and left slogans drawn with chalk. We where asked nicely if we could behave a little bit, while writing down slogans.